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Ultimate Currency Exchange provides you currency travel advisory. In this page we have provided information about the currency exchange in several countries. For more information, please Visit our store or send an email before your trip to receive customized advise for the countries that you are having plan to travel.


Cuba has two official currencies, peso (CUP) and the convertible peso (CUC). The conversion between them is $1(CUC)=$25(CUP). It means each convertible peso worth 25 peso. Cuban convertible pesos are 25 times more valuable, but this does not completely eliminate the confusion for tourists: since goods bought in national pesos have controlled prices, tourists are sometimes confused by prices perceived as "too cheap." 'Luxury' goods and services, including most imported goods and anything intended for consumption by foreigners, are generally paid for in convertible peso.
Cuban peso is officially exchangeable only within the country and you cannot buy it in Canada. When exchanging U.S. dollar banknotes a 10% tax is applied plus, the 10% tax is not applied to other currencies. You can exchange Canadian dollars or Euro easily to Cuban peso in the hotels and all-inclusive resorts.Don't bring back Cuban money to Canada unless you want it as a souvenir, it cannot be exchanged outside the country.

Avoid out of country credit charges

Visit CBC article about it

Yes, you can use your credit cards out of the country. But first, the credit card is not accepted everywhere and they are not common like Canada and US. Second the banks charge 2.5% for each transaction that you have out of the country. Third the bank currency exchanges are alway worst than the currency exchange retailers like Ultimate Currency Exchange.

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